Passive House Planning Package v10

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The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) version 10 English (2021) is a design tool produced by the Passivhaus Institut Germany for use by building architects and designers. It works on both Mac and PC.

PHPP incorporates the energy specifications for quality-approved Passivhaus buildings from the institute in an online flip book manual and application. PHPP contains a series of tools for :

  • Calculating energy balances
  • Designing comfortable ventilation
  • Calculating the heat load
  • Summer comfort calculations
  • Other useful tools for reliable design of Passivhaus dwellings


The main benefits of PHPP are :

  • Energy balance calculation in the common Excel format
  • Easy and direct data input, in a flexible way where required
  • Validated result accuracy
  • Continually being further developed
  • Verification for Passive House buildings and EnerPHit retrofits
  • Detailed manual with tips for energy efficiency
  • Interface for import/export of data from/into other programmes
  • Can be combined with the 3D tool designPH (plugin for SketchUP)


What’s new in Version 10 ?

Jessica Grove-Smith, Senior Scientist and Joint Managing of the Board of Directors at the Passive House Institute explains :

“Several new features were added – for instance, a risk assessment for summer comfort for more resilient design under warming climate conditions, a new worksheet enabling comparison PHPP modelling results with in-use measured performance, as well as introduction of new component categories to better depict heat pump solutions. Adjustments were made and new tools added to facilitate data entry, for example a comprehensive room schedule and easier representation of curtain walls and windows.

From experience we know that PHPP energy modelling aligns with the data of real-life projects. PHPP reliably calculates the energy demand of a building design, which plays a crucial role in preventing a performance gap. Passive House and PHPP energy modelling is not about ticking boxes to meet specific component qualities or individual sustainability requirements. PHPP is a design tool focused on reliably calculating the energy demand of the building in question. This really sets it apart from other tools.”

For an in depth look at the new features please visit the PHPP page where you will also find an introductory video.  There are also some examples of new features at the bottom of this listing.


    Some notes about the license purchase from the Passive House Institute :


PHPP is only provided as single-user license, including a detailed flip book manual. With the license the PHPP user obtains a registration code which will allow the user to receive updates or upgrade discounts for new versions of PHPP or designPH.

PHPP and designPH are subject to copyright and a resellers’ agreement. If the software is being used by more than one person then additional copies should be purchased for each person using it.

A reduced rate is available to existing purchasers of previous versions. If you wish to take advantage of this reduced price select the item upgrade to version 10 from earlier versions and please note that we will check that we have evidence of a previous purchase.

A hard copy PHPP10 manual is available via the PassivHaus Institut.  Please click here for details.

Upgrading from V9 ?

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Training course and PHI credits

Earn 50 PHI credits with the CPD Cert. in Building Energy Modelling Using PHPP.  See Building Energy Modelling training page for more details.

New: Room Data tool and Record tool
The Passive House Planning Package PHPP 10 contains a new external too, the so-called Room Data tool. The Room Data tool allows the systematic determination of essential input variables for the PHPP providing assistance especially for complex projects. It can easily be extended and adapted depending on the requirements of the project. The calculated intermediate results can be transferred into the PHPP.

This file contains templates for secondary calculations to the PHPP in different worksheets. It also serves to document changes in the calculations, which is very useful for communication among those involved in the project.

Apart from this, the file also includes the Record worksheet which is a systematic record of changes during planning, and their impact on the main energy efficiency results of the building, thus making them traceable.


New component categories for heat pumps and combined ventilation and split units
New certified components categories have been added to PHPP. In addition to heat pumps you can now enter combined ventilation and split units.

In the worksheet cooling, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of the cooling units can now be determined more accurately based on the device properties. Other types of operation, e.g. combined supply air and recirculation cooling via the ventilation system were added.